A downloadable game

The Story
It's Santa's final job to save the worlds last snowball from hitting the water and melting forever!!!!

Can Santa do it?!

Every 100 points the snowball gets faster, when will Santa tire out...how long can he protect the worlds last snowball!!

Built on NTSC, tried on PAL

Why would you do this...

I love the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 and wanted to see if I could make a game for them. This is the first released game I have done and it is very simple for that reason. This game was made in TRSE and making it helped me flesh out a few things like using Charpad , tilesets, gamepad controlling, title screens , flow control etc... I have a couple ideas running around my head for 2023 and this was the first logical step in that process!

Get started

Load the prg file onto a sd card, cartridge, tape or real disk and open it on your real Commodore 64 or emulator of choice.

Press space at the title screen

Joyport 2 for Santa's controls, left or right to get under the snow ball


lastsnowball.prg 29 kB


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Nice game !

thanks for making a vid, I made it to 420 once as my highest score

(2 edits)

santa should jump in the lake and drown himself. sorry 2/10

lol maybe the 2023 version next xmas will be more detailed as i flesh out some more skills

will we get the drowning option? might make it unique